M-Audio Fast Track USB 2

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  2. 4 September 2012 10:38

M-Audio Fast Track USB 2


If you have to record voice, bass lines or a guitar parts and mix them with a sequencer on your pc or mac you need an audio interface like this to get the job done. This little box itìs the best for recording one or two instruments at a time, it’s not a solution for recording a band. However for a songwriter, trying to make a first step towards the digital recording, this is the perfect solution. I’ve been using one of these for a few years and have been very satisfied. For about $100 it’s one of the best solutions.

Basically, you get two inputs, a microphone input XLR and a 1/4 inch (6.5 mm) input instrument either with individual gain controls to set the levels before recording. Fast Track offers ‘phantom’ 48v allowing you to use condenser microphones, which are often used to improve the quality of the voice. One of the weaknesses of this product is that the sensitivity of the microphone is down a bit ‘- so it is often necessary to set the mode of microphone gain up to about 90%. This I have never caused a problem, though. From 1/4 inch guitar input jack is standard size, which means that you can plug your guitar directly. You can also use your bass guitar or a keyboard or any other instrument.

In addition to the USB port and the standard RCA connectors, there is also a headphone jack. It ‘audio standard 1/4 of an inch, so you’ll need an adapter 3.5/6.5mm if you only have smaller headphone jack. The tip of the headphone jack, is that you can listen through the function of direct control rather than after processing by the computer, eliminating potential latency. I have never had latency problems with the Fast Track anyway.

The Fast Track is bundled with Pro Tools Essentials, a light version of the full program. The Fast Track is reported to work well with Garage Band, Reaper or any other software of your choice. The card will be reconized by all modern sequencers without any problem, just plug and play.

I think the quality of the sound from the Fast Track is very good. Audiophiles will certainly be able to get a better sound with much more expensive equipment, but Fast Track is a great start for those who have no great pretensions. I do not think you get better sound quality by spending this few. Only spending thousands more would you notice much difference.

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