Ampeg SVX Plug-In for Bass Tones

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  2. 29 August 2012 13:02

Ampeg SVX Plug-In for Bass Tones


One of the best plug-in for bass sounds is definitely Ampeg SVX. It contains an incredible variety of amplifiers and cabinets to reach the top in terms of realism and dynamism.
Ampeg is already a leading manufacturer of analog amplifiers, towering among the most renowned brands. It has always been a choice of many artists such as Cliff Williams of AC / DC with its SVT-810E and SVT4PRO.

Ampeg SVX runs at up to 96kHz sample rates as a mono or stereo RTAS, VST or Audio Units plug-in on Both Macs and PCs. This means you can use it with the major market sequencer Cubase, Studio One, Protools, Reaper, Logic, and all of the others. The interface is characterized by images of amp models with their heads, pedals and speakers cabinets.The categories are broken down into Amps and Styles That Can not be modified, saved and Recalled.

The amps includes models from the BA-500 solid-state to the Portaflex “flip top” with an array of 39 presets of front panel setups for easy auditioning. The Styles section offer 77 presets, Including slap, fingered and picked, plus synth bass That option to take part into the keyboard realm performed with sub-octave, envelope and filter options.

Let’s try it out

It ‘s amazing to think of all the possible combinations when configuring SVX, but that’s what makes fun of you because you can combine the pedals and amplifiers of various cabinets – even combinations of association berserk as the head of SVT smaller B-15R cabinet.

While working on a song, I created my bass player skeptical using a Countryman DI box and a Neve 1272 mic pre. In Pro Tools, I used an aux track with the SVX instantiated and bused its output to an audio track. SVX has 100 samples of latency in Pro Tools, and presented no problem when I checked through it alive. We opted for a preset under the style called Fingered Bass Sustain, which presents the SVT-4 Pro and the BA-500 cab. We have changed the microphone at Vintage dynamic microphone 20, immediately adjacent to and aligned to cut the guitars.

I’m not going to squeeze in Pro Tools, allowing the amplifier model. The compressor included tread left me to desire a path of integration in order to enter my favorite compressor. There was a section of the bridge in the song of the band where the bass player wanted to add chorus and distortion. SVX allows full dynamic automation of all settings, including those for the pedals. Once the bass bridge was played once, I worked with the musician to get the treatment you want by entering SVX on a bass track direct I also recorded. Then I saved the configuration and loaded in SVX instantiated recording channel aux. My bass player was a believer SVX after that session.

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